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        Medically reviewed.

Neuropathy, or nerve damage, can result from a wide range of conditions such as diabetes and even treatments like chemotherapy.

In fact, neuropathy, which is sometimes referred to as peripheral neuropathy, is not a single health condition but rather a term used to describe read more

        Medically reviewed.

You can manage your diabetes by focusing on six key changes in your daily life.

1. Eat healthy. This is crucial when you have diabetes, because what you eat affects your blood sugar. No foods are strictly off-limits. Focus on eating only as much as your body needs. read more

Welcome To My Blog

Self Care has become a major buzzword in recent times, but very few people truly understand what it means.

It doesn’t necessarily mean meditation, bubble baths or massages when you’re stressed (although detox baths certainly can help), but rather read more

No matter your current fitness level, if you want to stay nimble and active into your later years, it's best to include low impact exercises that will preserve and strengthen, rather than break down your body.

Even if you're used to more intense forms of exercise, it pays to balance this out with some lower impact daily activities read more

Healthy relationships are vital to our overall emotional wellbeing. 

This is precisely why "non-toxic" relationships have long been regarded as one of the 7 principles of health, together alongside read more